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Ikubunkan Institute of Education

Ikubunkan Institute of Education consists of three schools, Ikubunkan Junior High School, Ikubunkan High School, and Ikubunkan Global High School (For more information on Ikubunkan Global High School, click here).

Our School's Vision

Ikubunkan exists soley for the welfare of the students.

Our School's Purpose

Ikubunkan helps the students to have, pursue, and accomplish their dreams.

Ikubunkan's motto and 7 promises

Travel your own journey through life as a hero with the pride of being an Ikubunkan student, with your dreams and hopes for the future.

  1. Greet people in a cheerful and friendly manner.
  2. Be as good as your words. Never tell a lie.
  3. Be grateful for what you have.
  4. Continue to make great efforts in order to make your dreams come true.
  5. Judge from not pros and cons, but right and wrong.
  6. Share happiness and sadness with others.
  7. Achieve the goal that you believe is right.

School Outline

School Terms

1st term : April - July
2nd term : September - December
3rd term : January - March


One lesson is 45 minutes. Between lessons, we have a 10-minute break. We have 6 lessons a day on Monday through Friday and 4 lessons on Saturdays.

Term Exams

The 1st and 2nd terms have 2 exams each, and the 3rd term has 1 exam.

School Facilities

Roof Garden
Hub Space
Main Gate
SDGs Corner

In addition to projectors installed in every classroom and the possibility of classes which use computers. We also provide our students with a large roof garden to grow crops, a lunch room which uses organic vegetables, a library stocked with 35,000 books, as well as a multi-purpose auditorium equip with retractable seats. This new building was completed with every intention to make the students' dreams come true.

Contact Us

Email Address

Phone Number
03-3828-2206 (From foreign countries)+81-3-3828-2206


2-19-1, Mukogaoka, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, 1130023

From Todaimae Station on the Tokyo metro Namboku line --- 7-minute walk
From Nezu and Sendagi Station on the Tokyo metro Chiyoda line --- 10-minute walk
From Hakusan Station on the Tokyo Metropolitan subway Mita line --- 8-minute walk